Isabella Picture

Isabella Milan

Isabella Milan was born and raised in the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona, Spain. Her love for design and fashion started at an early age. Her grandmother, Isabella, whom she was named after, taught her first to make clothes for her dolls. The dolls clothes soon turned to clothes for clients of the family business and so began the career of Isabella Milan. The sewing techniques taught to Isabella was a tradition passed down from generation to generation in the family. The family business was established in 1830 when Isabella’s great grandmother designed for the nobility of Barcelona, Spain. The family was most known for her great grandmothers ability to sew on her designs intricate embelishments and bead work. The embelishments were all hand sewn including the laces. Barcelona in the 1800’s was infamously known for their high qualty laces.

In 1982 Isabella Milan moved from Barcelona, Spain to Western Canada with her husband and two sons. Isabella established her business in the high end location of down town in Manulife Place where she ran her own business with high end clientele such as the Edmonton Oilers and high society. As well the small business attracted celebrity clientele from Los Angeles, California. Isabella gained most of her public reputation through the Miss Universe Pageants owned by Donald Trump. Isabella designed gowns for Miss.Universe Canada and Spain for over two decades. In Canada Isabella gave birth to her first baby girl, Nina. It was Isabella’s dream come true to have a girl that would take over the family legacy and tradition of fashion design one day.

As fate would have it Nina took interest in the family business and learned the family tradition. Nina had a grand vision of the family business and worked to establish her mother as a high end fashion designer. Since 2009 Isabella Milan and her daugher Nina have been designing collections every season for Fashion Weeks around the world gaining attention from both local and international media. At present Isabella and Nina Milan create high end fashion designs for their own label of evening gown collections for women.